Coordinated care, complete coverage and greater value. It’s all Right here. For you.

When you’re there to help care for your people, they’ll be there for your business. It’s a simple idea – and it’s why you’re committed to providing great health coverage for employees. Coverage that goes beyond basic medical care to help people live healthier lives while mitigating costs and helping to make the entire experience easy for everyone. That’s where Univera Healthcare comes in.

We’ve taken a hard look at the Univera Healthcare commercial group positioning, to align it more closely with our service, our care management offerings, and our network, tying it all back to our mission and the needs of our community. See how Univera Healthcare is making health coverage simple for you, your team, and all of Western New York.

How do we do it?

Our approach is built around three ideas:

  1. We Put People First – We give members more control and combine medical expertise and data to address health conditions on a more personal, proactive level.
  2. We Make Service Simple – We make it easier for members to understand and use their benefits, and help make claims and processing more efficient and transparent for employers.
  3. We Take Our Network to Another Level – We bring you the area’s largest local network, so coverage is always there when your team needs it, where they need it.

The proof is in the data.

Care works best when everything – and everyone – works together. So at Univera Healthcare, we provide Western New York with a more coordinated, caring, personalized and holistic health insurance experience. It’s an approach that connects the dots for you and your employees and an approach we can prove:

Why Univera Healthcare?

We’re right here for a reason.

For us, community means Western New York. And nobody knows it like we do – because we’re Western New Yorkers ourselves. It’s why so many area employers trust us to care for their teams, and ultimately, their businesses. Because we’re right here building relationships with more area doctors and hospitals. We’re right here with innovative tools and data to help drive member and population health. We’re right here with partnerships that help control costs and improve quality. We’re Right here. For you.

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